I'm a self-proclaimed adventure seeker, which means, I’m most at home, when I’m not at home. Traveling, meeting new people, and being able to tell the story of the places and faces I've seen through my photography, is where my heart is.

I've been a portrait photographer for 10 years. After watching so much uncertainty unfold in 2020; with professionals and new grads having to pivot; change career paths or suddenly take the leap to be their own boss, I too have shifted gears in hopes of supporting my community, giving back and offering some motivation to those unsure of their next step.

I am currently specializing in fashioned inspired personal branding photography and casual headshots for influencers, entrepreneurs and creatives!

As an unstoppable "go getter" you're not just driving and creating a business, you're building a brand around YOU, and that takes intention and investment. Everything from your website to your social media accounts needs to convey to your audience that you're a BOSS and the right person for the job.

 In today’s image-driven world, it’s more important than ever to create the right impression with high-end imagery. From that photo on your "About" page to that "Bio" photo on Instagram, your professional images are the first touchpoint for any online interaction.  I'm here to help you look and feel your very best.


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